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Joey Danger

19 Years Old - Street Stunt Artist
Homestate: Massachusetts

Joey Danger is a favorite for photographers, because he'll do anything, loves the camera, and has that hot street punk life he can't stop talking about. Last year he let a series of guys film him to get the cash for the full tattoo sleeve. Its easier than a real job! Check out his full portfolio of porn work! When they need cash, gay guys are a straight boys best friend.

Joey Danger Portfolio

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Check out Joey in his second photo session, performed in June of 2003. Its titled "Now Showing", and if you've ever wondered if a straight boy could deep-throat, Joey demonstrated by mouthing a LIGHTBULB thats ON!

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Bathtub Interview
Sometimes the models just need a bath and someone to talk to. Here Joey Danger relaxes in a tub full of rosepetals, sips a drink, has a smoke, and talks about some of his adventures. Very candid cute stuff for a tough guy who usually mutilates sex dolls.

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It doesn't get any dirtier than this. Joey does some doll fucking action! At first, he goes into the refrigerator and pulls out a jar of mayonnaise, then starts fucking it! He gets the doll out of the cupboard, inflates it, then pokes and prods it with the fruits and veggies in the fridge!!

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So you saw Joey fucking in the kitchen. But you want more? Great - there is more! He hops on and fucks the doll, laughing and sticking carrots in every orifice in its plastic body!! This was such a great shoot, you can buy it on VHS tape! Get the details about a whole tape of Joey and other boys fucking sex dolls.

DOLLFUCK THE MOVIE - Starring Joey Danger

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